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Пн, 18.11.2019 15:27 (неизвестный читатель)

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Ященко Ольга

I'm happy when... (Peace song) Раннее.

Ср, 16.04.2003 15:16


Copyright © by Джел
I'm happy when... (Peace song) Раннее.

I'm happy when begins the rain
Or when the sun shines bright.
When people meet a lucky way,
Or see the light in nights.

I'm happy when I see the smiles
On faces round me.
When meet the love in human's eyes;
Can speak, can hear, can see.

I'm happy when I feel the wind,
That's blowing through the night.
Its every sigh, its every fit
Presents to me delight.

I'm happy when I hear the song
From every friendly heart,
Feel that the friendship can be long,
The whole, not only part.

I'm happy when I feel sohat want to sing, to dance.
Begin to think that I can fly
From every friendly glance.

I'm happy when around me
There're no wars and grief.
When people like what they can see
And can in peace believe.

I'm happy when the winter comes
With white and frosty days,
Or when the summer gives to us
Its warm and sunny ways.

I'm happy when I say the word
And hear the echo sound
From everything, from whole the world,
From space and underground.

I'm happy when I look at you
And meet your happy eyes;
When everybody tells the truth
And there's no place to lie.

I'm happy that I'm now here
And that I'm reading this.
So, everybody everywhere
Must think about the peace!


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